Dry Verge Clips

dry-verge-clipsOver time the edges or Verge of your roof can start to look old and weather-beaten As roofs get older, they become prone to gaps.

This can cause real problems, making your home vulnerable to the weather and nuisances such as nesting birds or insect infestations.

Our UPVC dry verge, is a simple way to neaten up those edges and block any unsightly gaps.

Made from UPVC  they clip easily to your roof to protect your home and provide an attractive finishing touch.

Dry verge roofing makes use of interlocking caps that fit over the edge of your roof tiles, and offers an effective and, more importantly, durable alternative to wet verges.
A verge refers to the junction between the roof and the gable end of the building. A gable refers to the wall that infill between two opposite roof slopes and usually finishes in a triangular shape..

The traditional way of finishing the roof at a gable wall is to use mortar.

Traditionally this detail includes a layer of plain tiles, slates.This type of verge will require regular maintenance as it is prone to mortar failure.

Mortar has been used in roofing for hundreds of years. Its principle use is as a means of fixing and weather tightness at junctions such as ridges and verges.

Whilst mortar certainly does the job, there are a number of disadvantages it is worth being aware of. First, mortar has a limited lifespan and requires regular maintenance because it will deteriorate in time through natural weathering. Secondly mortar is susceptible to cracking because of the natural movement within the building structure, particularly where the roof passes over solid masonry walls. Once this happens, the ridges, hips or verges can become dislodged by high winds, and will be susceptible to water ingress