Fascia’s, Soffits and Guttering


The Eaves are an important area of the roof and house wall junction.


Often neglected until problems arise, the Eaves are the area where the roof meets and overhangs the wall and are protected by the Fascia, Soffit and Gutter.


Fascia– The vertical board secured to the ends of the rafters under the lower end of the roof to which the guttering is normally fixed – traditionally timber.


Soffit – The horizontal board used to seal the space between the back of the fascia and the wall of the building – traditionally timber, or cement board and can include air vents.


Gutter – the channel that collects and carries the rainwater from the roof and directs it to a Downpipe that empties into a Gully (drain).


Some houses may have non-standard materials within the Eaves assembly, ranging from asbestos fascia/ soffit boards to solid concrete gutters.


Prestige Midlands have the expertise to deal with all non-standard materials.


If not properly maintained, the gutter can leak, overflow or even collapse, causing potentially serious damage to roofs through water then leaking into the eaves and the walls.


Most gutter collapses are caused through the fixings onto the fascia coming away as the wooden fascia rots over the years through lack of maintenance.


Soffits are a valuable barrier against birds, bats and vermin nesting in the eaves or accessing the loft space.


They also should allow appropriate ventilation for the loft to maintain an air flow that minimises condensation problems within the roof space.


Improperly designed and fitted fascia and soffits can lead to loft area issues with condensation mould.


We also fit as standard our durable Eaves Protection System, which prolongs the life of your installation and protects the area further from water ingress.


Repairs are possible to the Fascia, Soffit and Guttering but with the cost of material, labour and access equipment, replacement or capping is more commonly the most cost-effective option.


Replacement, however, can be costly and at Prestige, we offer a more cost-effective and affordable virtual replacement option that uses the best quality materials.


Prestige Midlands have extensive experience and skills in Fascia, Soffit and Guttering work and with this expertise, we offer FREE, no-obligation quotes including detailed specifications and fixed pricing to all of our customers.


Please contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a no-obligation assessment visit.




  • Perfectly conceal and protect ends of your roof rafters
  • Attractive and unified appearance, leaving no unsightly gaps
  • Strongest, most durable materials with board thickness up to 18 mm thick
  • Available in a range of styles and colours
  • Lifetime guarantee against discolouration on our white fascia boards


  • Protects your home from the elements
  • Designed to bridge the gap between siding and roof edge
  • Tidies the underside of the roof overhang
  • Zero maintenance meaning no more climbing up ladders
  • 10-year guarantee on materials and workmanship
  • Lifetime guarantee against discolouration
  • Great colour options also coming with a 10-year guarantee


  • Expertly designed offering protection from the heaviest of weather
  • Rigorously tested guttering making it watertight to prevent leaks
  • Fitted with wider gutter unions to allow for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Available in three profiles and also three colours


  • Safely channels rainwater away from the foundations of your home
  • Square or round downpipes to suit your property
  • Contemporary colours perfect for modern properties

Prestige Quality Roofline Products make an affordable investment and
protect your home from costly weather damage.