Flat Roofing

A Flat Roof is a roof which has a negligible slope, usually covered in felt, metal, or other material which is impermeable to water.

The 3 most common materials and methods used to surface flat roofing areas are:

FELT – Hot System – Historically a one or two layer system for boarded flat roofs using hot bitumen, felt and a flame torch. Each layer has traditionally been bitumen based, with all the layers put down using hot bitumen or a flame torch with the top layer being covered in protective mineral chippings or painted with a solar reflective protective coating.

Modern innovations in felting have produced a Warm Gun method which, instead of a blowtorch naked flame with its inherent hazards, uses a hot air gun to soften a pre-applied layer of bitumen on the under-surface of the felt layers, creating a bond between the 2-3 applied layers of material.

The average lifespan for both these methods is around 8-10 years with good maintenance.

FELT – Cold System – Normally a two or three layers system for boarded flat roofs using cold applied adhesive.

Each layer has traditionally been bitumen based, however, high-performance polymer-based materials are available which offer better performance.

Usually, for bitumen-based materials, the first layer is nailed to the roof boards, the middle and top layers are glued with the top layer being covered in protective mineral chippings – average lifespan around 10-12years.

EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is a rubber-based compound that has many advantages over felt, including a lower cost to life cycle ratio.

Usually applied as one large piece over a domestic flat roof, this avoids the joining issues that can occur and shorten the life of a felt roof.

Impervious to all weather conditions and applied using epoxy resins to ensure every square centimetre is secured, EPDM has a much longer life span than Felt, typically 20-30years depending on the quality and thickness of the EPDM used.

Prestige Midlands Ltd only uses EPDM Rubbercover manufactured by Firestone, who for 110 years has been one of the world’s largest and leading Rubber Products manufacturers. Roofs surfaced by Firestone EPDM are known to still be sound and in good order some 50 years after installation.

Firestone is therefore confident enough in the quality of their Rubbercover EPDM to provide a 10 year Waterproof Guarantee against defects and material failure and Prestige are pleased to support this with our 10-year workmanship guarantee.

Prestige Midlands have specialist teams trained in the Firestone EPDM Rubbercover System and extensive experience and skills in felt flat roofing.

With this expertise, we are able to offer FREE, no-obligation quotes including detailed specifications and fixed pricing to all of our customers.

ASBESTOS: use of this material is now banned, and removal and disposal of existing asbestos roofs has to be carried out by specialist licensed companies who are legally allowed to dispose of the waste asbestos at approved facilities. As the householder is ultimately held liable, you are advised to inspect the license of the disposal company.

Prestige can arrange this whole process for you as part of our flat roofing service.

Alternative materials such as metal roofing sheets, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), Fibreglass, corrugated Bitumen sheeting are all available and can be discussed during your initial appointment.

Please contact us to discuss your Flat Roof needs and arrange a no-obligation assessment visit and fixed price quotation.