Patio and Landscaping


Gardening is the number one hobby in the UK and many people are justifiably proud of their achievements

over the years of re-forming their back gardens to the haven of peace that they desired.


However, whilst gardening is a hobby, landscaping can be a major undertaking, sometimes requiring tons of

earth to be moved, removed or brought in, paths to be lifted, re-directed and laid, walls constructed and activity

areas such as patios and barbeque dining areas created.


With skills and expertise honed by our wealth of experience in constructing quality driveways, Prestige

Midlands can offer a full design, planning, supply and construction service for any sized garden front and back.


We can cater for any style from simple to sophisticated with a wide range of high quality material options to

meet all needs.


Let our pictures speak for themselves and then contact Prestige Midlands for to arrange a visit by one of our

trained advisers who can then provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote including detailed specifications

and fixed pricing.






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