Polycarbonate Roof

 Polycarbonate is one of the most common materials used in the roofing of conservatories, porches and side passages.

 Historically, Polycarbonate has been limited to clear or opal in colour, with a thickness of between 6mm to 12mm, twin walled with just

one chamber, this older type of polycarbonate has frequently deteriorated through weathering and the action of sunlight.

Technological developments have now resulted in multi-chambered, multi-walled and mix-coloured polycarbonates with greatly improved insulation,

ultra-violet resistance and load bearing.

Todays’ multiwall polycarbonate is the result of years of technical development and embodies a wide range of beneficial qualities, making it the ideal

solution for an extensive array of requirements in the conservatory, construction, horticulture and internal design industries

Prestige Midlands Ltd can replace existing sun damaged older polycarbonate roofs with 21st century multiwall Polycarbonate to provide greater insulation,

a more attractive appearance and improved sun protection.

This can breathe new life into any conservatory, porch or side passage, eliminate leaks, and improve the times you can use conservatories for relaxation through

improving the temperature and adjusting the sunlight levels.

Prestige Midlands Ltd can offer years of experience in advising, designing, replacing and constructing polycarbonate roofs in a large variety of situations.

 expertise we are able to offer FREE, no-obligation quotes including detailed specifications and fixed pricing to all of our customers.




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