Render & External Walls

Render and External Wall Insulation


Render is both a decorative and protective addition to a house, used for many decades to enhance homes

around the UK. It can be purely decorative, highlighting features such as bays or insets, or more protective

across a full wall or entire house.


Traditional render is a formulated mix of sand and cement applied to the brick face of the house walls after

appropriate beading and supporting frame has been positioned around windows, doors and the damp course.


Any external ventilation bricks are protected to avoid blocking and reducing damp protection.

Damp courses are then coated in a black waterproof coat as part of the final finish.


The surface of the render can be either smoothed for a fine finish, ‘scratched’ for a rougher surface or have

texture added by the application of aggregates such as quartz, coloured gravels etc (eg pebble dash).


Any paint applied needs to be an approved weather proof formula to avoid rapid deterioration, unsightly

peeling as well as the attack of algae and lichens that can embed themselves in the surface of poor quality



Correctly applied and maintained render provides protection for the house brick from weathering and damp,

some limited additional insulation through the extra layer reducing heat loss, and can present an old house

with a new look, revitalising its appearance and the enjoyment of living within, as well as its sale appeal.


Prestige Midlands Ltd are proud to be partnered with one of the most prestigious companies in the field of

paint and render technology – Johnstone’s Stormshield.


Johnstone’s is one of the most recognisable and respected names in the paint and coatings industry, providing

quality products to both the public and the trade since 1890.


With their 130 years experience, Johnstone’s are part of a group with a worldwide turnover more than

£12billion but still work hardest at the local level to train and support quality companies like Prestige in using

their technology.


Johnstone’s paint and coatings technology is acknowledged throughout the industry as being cutting edge.

They are recognised by the trade as having the most supportive approach with the highest quality products

and a comprehensive 10 year guarantee to back this.


The Johnstone’s Stormshield system starts with a simple pre-formulated render and mesh product which is a

close relative of the traditional sand and cement but with modern technology and approach, then offers

more resilient coatings through one coat renders, acrylic coating , partial and full silicone coatings and a full

spectrum of External Wall Insulation options.


With surveyors and installers fully trained and accredited by Johnstone’s Stormshield, Prestige Midlands Ltd

are able to provide a full service from initial assessment for suitability, design and appearance advice through

to detailed specifications and a fixed price quotation to a full installation that meets Johnstone’s exacting



We can also provide appropriate Planning Regulation guidance where needed and ensure Building Regulation



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