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Replacement Windows and Doors (UPVC)


Prestige Midlands A+ rated windows are made to measure from the highest quality materials, designed by you

with our support and advice, constructed with leading edge thermal, security and weather proofing technology,

with a colour choice that can awaken your imagination.


Backed by our comprehensive 10 year guarantee and issued with a FENSA installation approval certificate,

you can be confident that our windows and doors will meet your every requirement from improving the comfort

of your home by reducing noise intrusion and heat loss to enhancing the appearance through their

contemporary design that blends well with both older and newer property styles.


Prestige Midlands believe that quality counts and to this end we only use the best technology and finest

materials available. Our windows are constructed using Deceuninck Heritage framing, Pilkington enviroKare

glass and Secure by Design compliant locking systems. We can supply both High Quality designer UPVC

doors or the increasingly popular Composite Entrance Doors with their superior thermal proofing and security.


Contact Prestige Midlands for to arrange a visit by one of our trained advisers who can then provide you with a

FREE, no-obligation quote including detailed specifications and fixed pricing.


Concerned about the ‘Double Glazing Sales Rep’ calling?


There are many myths and urban legends surrounding UPVC Replacement Windows and Doors (or Double

Glazing)  including sales-people historically claiming that ‘ they will add value to your home’, that they will ‘

drastically cut your fuel bills’, that they are ‘burglar proof’, that they are ‘ maintenance free’, that ‘ all windows

are the same’ and that ’ the cheapest is just as good as the most expensive’.


These views are also coupled with the reputation that gathered around the industry over the years that

‘all double glazing salespeople are con-artists’ and that ‘companies will sell you one thing and fit the cheapest’

 and the legendary 5-7 hour ‘ hard selling pitch’.


At Prestige Midlands Ltd we aim to disprove the obviously false, clarify the confusing and help customers

understand what their options and protections are and how to get the right installation for them.


In the 21st century, double glazing is standard on all new house (and has been for over 25 years), and the majority

of homes in the UK have had old, draughty wooden windows replaced with UPVC or in the early days, powder

coated aluminium.


Today, the average home owner is looking to replace old, inefficient double glazing that has reached the end

of its useful life, usually with older windows 15+ years.


House hunters will now take into account, amongst other things, the age and appearance of double glazing

and compare it against other houses they are looking at and this now makes it a ‘selling point’ but no longer a

‘unique selling point’.


If your house has old UPVC windows that need replacing, it is likely to be valued at below market value

and have reduced sale appeal as the replacement cost will be discounted as part of any offer or valuation,

whereas newer fully functioning windows merely keep it at market value and matching in

‘saleability’ to other houses in its bracket.


Older windows also affect the performance of houses when being assessed for the Energy Performance Certificate

(EPC) that is required as part of the Home Information Pack (HIP), now mandatory for all home sales.


The Assessor for the EPC has to be paid by the house vendor and will grade the house on a sliding scale

from the lowest thermal efficiency (H) to highest thermal efficiency (A).

Windows and Doors form an important part of that assessment and can seriously affect the EPC grading.


In addition, when mortgage lender surveyors are valuing a house for purchase, they will take into account the

age of windows and any need for replacement within a five year forward span and deduct value accordingly,

thereby affecting the value to mortgage ratio.


This can all affect the borrowing that purchasers need, affect their view of what it is going to cost to ‘improve

and run their new home’ and make them think twice when they may have an alternative option that does not

need new windows and has a better grade of EPC!


Up to date, modern Replacement Windows and Doors are many times more thermally efficient than those over

10-15yrs old, more burglar resistant than the older windows (nothing is ‘Burglar Proof’ given enough time and

brute force!), and companies have matured.


Trading Standard regulations, coupled with consumer protection groups and allied with increased public

awareness through ‘Watch Dog’ type programmes, have all combined to increasingly marginalise the old

fashioned ‘ Double Glazing Sales-rep’ and unethical company practices.


They are being replaced with ethically trained, professional advisers supported by companies that subscribe to

and are regulated by a Code of Practice that carries personal and collective accountability for both the

individual adviser and the company, with severe penalties and sanctions for any breaches.


Miss-selling regulations enforced by Trading Standards, The Financial Conduct Authority and Consumer

Advice and Protection bodies such as the Consumer Association ‘Which’ and local Chambers of Commerce

are ensuring that customers have a range of protection and recourse in place for their benefit.


Prestige Midlands Ltd are proud to subscribe to the Code of Practice both as a company and through each adviser

personally signing their commitment.


We are committed to the ethical practices and approaches contained within the Code of Practice and

take seriously any breaches.


We actively seek feedback following any adviser visit and try to ensure the maintenance of the high standards

we expect.


We subscribe to the Telephone Preference Service Code of Practice and endeavour to ensure any telephone

contact is professional, appropriate, satisfactory to the receiver, pertinent to their needs and avoids repetitive,

intrusive attempts to contact or make appointments..


The length of our advisers visit is governed by the discussion that needs to take place to introduce our

company and prove our accreditations, identify and clarify your needs and ensure an accurate interpretation of

those to make sure that we can supply what you are wanting.


In addition, the adviser will need to take the measurements, calculate the cost of each window in line with

those dimensions and the agreed design and regulatory requirements (eg Fire Escapes, Child restrictors and

Safety Glass) and when this is done, share the  binding 6 month quotation with you and explain what purchase

options there are through finance or cash and our terms and conditions.


Our adviser can also make you aware of current promotions and seasonal discounts that may be of interest

and make the installation more affordable and cost effective.


This obviously takes a different amount of time for each enquiry due to individual circumstances but our

average time for an adviser visit to discuss/ measure and quote an average full house (6 windows/ 2 doors)

installation is around 65-95minutes.


Please do not take this as binding as it represents an average not an absolute! If you have a lot of questions

and a lot more windows and doors, bays, bows, French, patio etc then these will vary that average.


We will however, strive to ensure that the visit is professional, focused and pressure free so that you can feel

you have been supported in making your right choice and not bamboozled!


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