Cladding and Tudor Boards

Houses with external wooden cladding (ranging from Shiplap, Dutchlap to Tongued and Grooved) and Tudor

Boards have to be well maintained to prolong the life of the wood and maintain the appearance.


This can involve extensive work, covering the use of scaffold, the need to strip back and patch the wood,

re-prime and then re-stain or paint as per the specification.


Whilst this work will provide around 5years respite before the need to repeat it, and will revitalise the

appearance of the property for a while, the inevitable action of wind, rain and sun will enforce a repeated

maintenance cycle.


Modern materials provide a cost effective, environmentally valid and long lasting solution.


A range of cladding and boarding used by Prestige Midlands, made by Deeplas and covered by their 10

year guarantee, allow for this cycle of maintenance to be broken for decades.


Products range from a hi-gloss, heavy duty, tongued and grooved twin walled insulating clad, to hi-density,

insulating shiplaps and tudor boards that emulate wood grains so closely that at 1 metre they are difficult to

distinguish from wood.


These products can both revitalise your home, add insulation and weather protection and free you from

maintenance for many decades, requiring only a low pressure wash or wipe clean when needed.


Prestige Midlands have extensive experience and skilled specialist teams trained in the use and application of all types of cladding and boards.


With this expertise we are able to offer FREE, no-obligation quotes including detailed specifications and fixed pricing to all of our customers.


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