A porch can provide valuable extra space at the entrance to a home, offering storage for coats, shoes and

plant displays as well as additional thermal and weather protection around the front door.


There are a wide variety of Porch styles, ranging from dwarf wall, half wall, to full UPVC glass/ panel options,

with roofing choices that include pitch tiled, flat EPDM Rubber, Felt, GRP, Fibreglass or Polycarbonate roof.


They can be built in isolation as lean-to structures, as infills to ‘L’ shaped spaces formed by protruding

garages, or as ‘drop downs’ underneath existing house canopies  or as part of a new canopy across the



We can also advise and help design, construct, supply and fit ‘infills’ to the existing open porch areas

that exist in some property designs. Commonly, these are a space of around 1 -1.5 metre (3+ ft) in front of the

entrance door, sometimes with an arch shaped entrance and recesses that may contain gas / electric meters.


This can be done sympathetically to protect and frame existing original period features and enhance the

appearance, weather proofing and insulation without compromising the architectural attractiveness of the front

of the period property.


Porch sizes can depend on the desired design to meet the identified need, any existing structures to be

incorporated, local planning regulations and any precedents set and compliance with building regulations.


Tiled roofs can often be matched to the main roof of the house to maintain a coherent style and avoid

eye-catching clashes.


Windows and doors can also be designed to closely match those within the home. We can also do a full

service customisation of the inside of the porch to meet your interior design requirements, including electrics,

ceilings, plastering and flooring..


We use our existing quality premium product manufacturers to supply the components for our bespoke Porch

service and match this with our highly experienced design and construction teams to assist you in building a

quality, long lasting, useful and attractive addition to your home.


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