The Verge is the wall (or rafter) under the edge of a roof where it tops a gable end.

When first constructed, the verge will show the ends of the lathes that hold the tile, often attached to a rafter secured on top of the external wall.

This will be open to the elements and requires sealing.

Traditionally, this open verge is sealed using cement with a plasticiser added to retain some flexibility and reduce cracking due to roof movement.

This cement seal will be smoothed and should leave a neat finished surface that will repel the weather and protect the verge.

However, the cement will, over time, lose elasticity and start to flake as the weather attacks it, eventually cracking and falling out.

This can take several years or even decades, depending on the quality of cement/ plasticiser mix used and the level of roof movement.

Like all aspects of the roof where cement is used, annual inspection should be carried out to catch these problems as soon as they appear and effect maintenance and repair before the problem gets worse.

DRY VERGE CLIPS are a protective measure developed to eliminate the need for this maintenance.

Specially shaped plastic covers, with different designs to fit the differing types of roof verges, are clipped over the verge and linked to each other as well as attached to the ends of the lathes.

This provides a neat, maintenance free edge that looks smart and protects against the extremes of weather.

Like all products there are differing qualities of clips, with cheaper plastics that bleach in the sun within 2-4 years, start to look shabby and could need replacing as the bleaching shows the deterioration of the plastic which can eventually crack.

Prestige only use the best quality products with the correct design for your verge and each clip is covered by our ten year guarantee.

Prestige Midlands have extensive experience and skills in working on verges and with this expertise we offer FREE, no-obligation quotes including detailed specifications and fixed pricing to all of our customers.

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